Make it part of your New Years resolution to do
what is right because it’s the right-thing-to-do. 
Sing like nobody’s listening; Dance like nobody’s watching & Give like a CHILD is depending on you . . . and they are. 


Every Child counts and Children deserve a future. 


     Edelweiss House . . .
working with Safe Families, is an alternative to the child welfare system.
. . . Edelweiss House works with Families whose relatives and friends
      are unable to reach out give that helping hand.
. . . Biological Parents maintain full custody.
. . . Volunteer Families (after being screened extensively) open their homes
       to children and much like an extended family member.  
. . . Children stay typically 4 – 6 weeks (or as long as needed) . . . as long as
      the parents are making a concerted effort and progress to provide a
      safe and stable home for the children.
. . . Children are typically ages 4 – 9; we do ; however, have Volunteer
      Families who help with children who are younger.
. . . Our ultimate goal & commitment is to restoring/reuniting   
   the Family.
  Jesus said to help them.
. . . By helping us helpKids you help our town, community,
   our World.  You are following the Words of Jesus to
   help these little ones.  So,
Click here and help in
   whatever way you can.  

. . . For more information please call:  812-662-7589   or  812-527-2228.
. . . We will speak at your Church or club.
. . . Edelweiss House receives NO MONEY from any state or
      government agency.
. . . Edelweiss House is supported totally through DONATIONS
      individuals and businesses who care about
So, get a tax deduction & help out for the Love of Kids
                       . . . and Thank You!








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