About Edelweiss House

Most frequent questions and answers

Edelweiss House a not for profit, Non-denominational, 501(c) (3) Corporation, totally supported via donations.

Edelweiss House, Inc. …

  • Is an alternative to the state welfare system
  • Works with Families whose relatives and friends
    are unable to reach out and give that Helping Hand
  • Biological Parents maintain full custody
  • Our Volunteer Couple, after being screened extensively, open their hearts and home to children much like an Aunt and Uncle 
  • Children stay typically 4 – 6 month, or as long as needed, and as long as the parents are making a concerted effort and progress to provide a safe and stable home for the children
  • Our ultimate goal and commitment is to restore and re-uniting each Family
  • We provide a ‘Hand-Up’ not a Hand-Out

Edelweiss House is located near Greensburg, Indiana, .. about half-way between Indianapolis and Cincinnati, off 1-74. The property is 150 acres, 75 acres are farmed,

The Edelweiss House Program was developed through Sister’s research, education, expertise’ as a Teacher, and the life experiences as one-of fourteen children reared in a
Christian family, along with her work with the parents of the children she taught, her interaction with other families through Church and Community affairs.

As a Teacher, and Pastoral Associate, Sister Pat saw and heard the need of parents struggling to keep their lives together.  The stress and many demands of this fast moving world have become exhausting to parents.

Children were being cared for but parents wanted more for them, and they were not able to carry out their dreams.

The financial crunch and the heavy demands of everyday living, along with the lack of family support, which had been exhausted, became overwhelming. Parents found themselves in a hole and did not know how to get out of it.
All of this and more placed a severe level of emotional and physical stress on parents. They did not know where to turn in their turmoil. Thus, the cry for help was loud and clear.                                                             


  •   To keep children safe,
  •   To reunite the Family.
  •   To advance their development and education.  
  •   To build on their relationship with God and others.
  •   To advance daily Life Skills.  

Children missing their parent/s are lonely, burdened with
fears and tears, and grasping for hope of reunification.  

We feed and clothe them, wipe their little tears, ease their
fears, give them hope that someday they will be reunited.

We help them in making happy memories now in order to help
heal their broken little hearts and bring them closer to Jesus.    

Following the command that He gave us, “Whatsoever you do
unto them, you do it unto Me,” we
open our hearts and homes
to all those He sends our way. Together, we ‘love’ them back
into wholeness. With children, it is so easy and so rewarding.


The Edelweiss House Mission is unique, successful and Christ-centered:

  1. We focus on the crucial years when Children are most influenced and moldable, about ages  4 to 8½.

  2. After necessary procedures, parents are asked to just bring their children – Edelweiss House takes it from there. 

  3. Children learn during their interactions with others, to be kind, to share, to laugh at themselves,  to get up and to try again, stick to a age related chore, to realize that it’s okay to-not- know how to do something.

  4. The tone and atmosphere is safe, positive, fun, and encouraging. 

The Method of Delivery is unique. We are all Volunteers.  We are all trained in the highly successful, child-oriented, and effective, ‘I CAN DO IT’ Program.

  1. First – we come together as a Christ-Centered TEAM and we minister as a Christ-Centered TEAM. It’s as simple as that.

  2. Second – we open our homes to Children and provide them with traditional, nurturing Family-living in a country setting where we have small animals, rolling hills, woodlands, and a low­ running creek a child’s  

  3. The beautiful and peaceful setting provides endless possibilities for the children to learn about nature, caring for small animals, planting flowers, planting and reaping garden vegetables.

  4. All of this enables the Children to overcome hurt, loneliness, fears and angers.

Daily life is experienced in a relaxed, yet structured setting.  The Children go to school, do their homework, help out daily  with age ­related chores, learn to be respectful of things around them, and respectful of themselves and of one another.                                

This Program is needed to strengthen the Family. Families are experiencing life-altering situations at such a rapid pace, the turmoil is eating away at the emotional heath of Family Life. Parents need time to focus, explore their options, work out a realistic plan-of­-action so the Family can be restored/reunited in a healthy, Christian atmosphere.

God sends us children through caring family members, personal referrals, schools, and churches.

Edelweiss House is centralized in, but not limited to, the counties in the southeast quadrant of Indiana. The ripple effect, however, which reaches far beyond our communities and to what extent as times goes on and these children become adults we may never know· We pray they will walk with God.

DAILY  ROUTINE  —   Just LIVING the good life…

  • Children play, eat meals and snacks together, take turns, accept a ‘no’ and an occasional consequence.

  • They enjoy daily walks around parts of the property, enjoy lots of outdoor games, picnics, and the fun of ‘eating-a-little—playing-a-little’ at lunch time,  and having plenty of time for ‘life on the big playground’.

  • At the end of each day, the Children revel in a warm shower, a snack, brief night prayers and a soft, warm bed to snuggle in and enjoy a good story.

  • What a life! These Little Ones love these fun times and actually  look forward to this at the end of the day. 

  • The adults are such an integral part of each day,  they too treasure the joys and the pure innocence of these Little Ones.

Making a connection with God intertwines with all we do through the “Life Skills” taught and practiced which include:

A. Skills taught daily.
B. Skills match the child.
C. Sequence of skills may vary.
D. Incentive Charts are used.

  1. Looking people in the eyes when talking.
  2. Introducing themselves and shaking hands.
  3. Listening to others.
  4. Showing Respect.
  5. Saying “Please” and “Thank You”.
  6. Following instructions.
  7. Table manners.
  8. Waiting their turn.
  9. Appropriate voice volumes.
  10. Accepting “No”.
  11. Accepting consequences.
  12. Apologizing.
  13. Accepting apologies.
  14. Asking for help.
  15. Giving compliments.
  16. Accepting compliments.
  17. Offering to help others.
  18. Doing little age related jobs.
  19. Completing a task.
  20. Completing homework.
  21. Following the rules.
  22. Showing respect.
  23. Saying their prayers.
  24. Praying for others.

The Timeline from when the Children first arrive to the time when they are reunited with their Family usually ranges from 6 to 12 weeks; however, we will keep them as long as the parents are making a conceited effort and progress is seen in their efforts to procure housing and employment.

We are Faith-Based and financially supported TOTALLY through donations. No funding is received from the government.

None. No one is paid a salary. We are all Volunteers.

Christian married couples and single people who want to make-a-difference, live in our beautiful, spacious homes, for one or more years as House Parents or Assistants, Others Volunteer for a few hours a day or week. ‘We work together as a Team, full training and
Mission Program provided. 

They can be a part of the Mission Program as Volunteer House Parents as long as they are compatible with the Mission and wish to continue. There are Retirement Housing accommodations in the Master Plan. 

             –  all wrapped in one day… every day.

Yes, such happiness is experienced within our happy healthy, Christian Family each
                 …Organizations, large and small,
                   …Men and women’s groups,

         … Business personnel familiar with Edelweiss House,
                    … Former Children and Parents,
                         … Through fliers, business cards,
                           … Personal referrals, Talks and Interviews.
          … Often it comes as a surprise how and where someone
                  has heard about us and has recommended us.