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How would you SUMMARIZE the Edelweiss House Program.
We’re all about helping kids and restoring and reuniting Families.

·         We take in needy Children whose parents are going through a crisis.

·         This helps prevent the need for the state to step-in and remove the Children to foster care.

·         Parents are coached with suggestions of possible housing and jobs are suggested.

·         We care for and nurture Children at ages before they reach puberty.

·         Solid life-skills are taught and practiced at these early ages.

·         The goal is to rebuild and reunite the Family to live productive, self-sustaining lives and be assets to
the community.  

·         We make the difference in the life of a Child by following the words of Jesus to Help one another”.

·         These life-skills help develop their way-of-thinking and living which can be a tremendous influence throughout their adult years.

·         Parents coached in our Program can have a positive path to follow as they continue to instruct and rear their Children.


+ If you need help or know of someone who does, let us know.  

+ Pray for us and our MissionPrayer is Powerful. When you rise in the morning, stop for meals, before your night's sleep...We can Pray.    

+ You may wish to Volunteer once-in-a-while, perhaps monthly, weekly or daily. Playing with the KIDS, helping out of doors, helping with meals, making  telephone calls, etc.

 You may be called to Volunteer full time as House Parents or Assistants and live in one of our beautiful homes. .

You can make Financial donations.  Some choose to help KIDS long-into- the-future by naming Edelweiss House in their Will and/or  sponsoring a project here on the grounds.  

If you would like to help kids in any way or have questions not covered on the website, we would be happy to hear from you. , please contact
 Sister Pat at 812-662-7589 
or our business office at 812-527-2228

Jesus said: "Whatsoever you do to the least of these, you do to Me."

Contact Us

592 North CR 650 East
Greensburg, IN 47240-8850


Telephone: 812.662.7589
Telephone: 812.375.4344


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