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You can :
Help us change the future and purify the present
   moments of these little ones through your:
+  Prayers 
+  Volunteering
+  Spend time teaching games, making things or
+  Becoming a Host Family in your home or ours.
+ Adopt Edelweiss House as a Project for your Club,
   Corporation, Business, Sorority, Fraternity,
   Church Group or for the Church Out Reach
+ Plan a Day-Trip to Edelweiss House with your
   Family, Club, Business, School class or
   Church Group.
+ Enjoy a cook out, hike in the wood, bonfire,
   campout and more

+ + So, take pride in knowing you’ve helped Kids &
Families.  Helping a Kid is making the future.

                      OUR GIFT TO Y-O-U_____________________

+ + + You, your family, and your intentions are
       remembered in our daily prayers at each meal.

To the World you may be just one person;     
                     but to one person, you may just be the World..


     Volunteer!  If you/your Family/club/Church/friends
           would like to
Volunteer in any capacity,
            please contact us at: 812-662-7589 or
           Email Sisters-sister@edelweisshouse.org
           Website:  www.edelweisshouse.org

Here’s some examples: ___ Once a day    ___ Once a week    ___ Once a month   
___ Occasionally    ___ Be “on call” for unexpected needs

I would like to:

___ Read to the children and/or listen to them read.
___ Help with school studies.
___ Play outdoor games with the children.
___ Play indoor games with the children when the weather keep them in doors.
___ Keep an eye on the children as they play.
___ Take the children for a walk around the property.
___ Take the children to the creek for wading, etc.
___ Bake/cook and let the children help.

I like to roll-up-my-sleeves. I will help with:
___ Plant and trim flowers
___ Window cleaning
___ House cleaning or dusting
___ Weeding in the yards or garden.
___ Weed-whacking.
___ Spray fruit trees
___ Canning/dehydrating vegetables/fruits when it’s time.
___ Follow-up telephone requests and give updates on our progress.
___ Talk to clubs and churches to give updates on our progress.

___Most important, please
Pray for the Children, the Families being coached
for jobs and housing, & all of us Volunteers here at Edelweiss House.

                                   There’s room for everyone!!!



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