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Text Box: Volunteers  
             are God's Word in action!

A person who acts on his own free will without pay.

Everyone at Edelweiss House is a Volunteer. There are many opportunities to help-out and the need is great

You can join our
Volunteer Staff for:
 a few hours as they can.

ü a few hours off-and-on as your schedule permits,

ü a few hours a days,

ü a few hours a week,

ü a few hours a month.

ü perhaps one day a week.

ü a couple days a week.

ü Others help a couple/few days a month.

ü While others are "on-call" for special needs and un-expected situations...like when wood needs cutting, preparing for a 'thank you' get-to-gether, a key person has to be away, or when we have an unexpected number of children coming at one time.

ü While others help 24/7.  Like the House Parents, Business Office and yes...the Director, Sister Pat.


Those who are going to be working directly with the children...whether reading, playing, studying...they are certified through Safe Families for Children with a background check, etc, and are trained in the Edelweiss House Program.


We are most grateful for our Volunteers and pray you are blessed without measure.

So, put God's Word in Action...
Volunteer...and Thank You!


Pray for the Children, the Families being coached
for jobs and housing, & all of us Volunteers here at Edelweiss House.

                                   There’s room for everyone!!!



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