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Currently there are 6 children at Edelweiss House...ages 4, 5, and 6.  5 girls and 1 boy.  Their parent(s) are trying to get themselves back on their feet with jobs and housing.  The kids are being cared for by the people at Edelweiss House, Inc. 
There are openings for Christian Married Couples to live and work with the kids. This is a very good opportunity for a few couples to become house parents for a year or two, kind of like Peace Corps. Without a couple to work with the kids, Sister Pat, the Director,  is stepping in to do this.

This arrangement works for a week or so, but Sister cannot do this for the long haul with other pressing responsibilities.

Please think of everyone you know: people you work with, people from church, people out of work, people who need a break from
the daily grind. Who love helping kids and could do this? There are some perks!!

Contact Sister's sister, Karen, at  wehelpkids@juno.com or 812-527-2228 or 812-662-7589 for details.


You can :
Help us change the future and purify the present
   moments of these little ones through your:
+  Prayers 
+  Volunteering
+  Spend time teaching games, making things or
+  Becoming a Host Family in your home or ours.
+ Adopt Edelweiss House as a Project for your Club,
   Corporation, Business, Sorority, Fraternity,
   Church Group or for the Church Out Reach
+ Plan a Day-Trip to Edelweiss House with your
   Family, Club, Business, School class or
   Church Group.
+ Enjoy a cook out, hike in the wood, bonfire,
   campout and more

+ + So, take pride in knowing you’ve helped Kids &
Families.  Helping a Kid is making the future.

                      OUR GIFT TO Y-O-U_____________________

+ + + You, your family, and your intentions are
       remembered in our daily prayers at each meal.

To the World you may be just one person;     
                     but to one person, you may just be the World..


     Volunteer!  If you/your Family/club/Church/friends
           would like to
Volunteer in any capacity,
            please contact us at: 812-662-7589 or
           Email Sisters-sister@edelweisshouse.org
           Website:  www.edelweisshouse.org

Here’s some examples: ___ Once a day    ___ Once a week    ___ Once a month   
___ Occasionally    ___ Be “on call” for unexpected needs

I would like to:

___ Read to the children and/or listen to them read.
___ Help with school studies.
___ Play outdoor games with the children.
___ Play indoor games with the children when the weather keep them in doors.
___ Keep an eye on the children as they play.
___ Take the children for a walk around the property.
___ Take the children to the creek for wading, etc.
___ Bake/cook and let the children help.

I like to roll-up-my-sleeves. I will help with:
___ Plant and trim flowers
___ Window cleaning
___ House cleaning or dusting
___ Weeding in the yards or garden.
___ Weed-whacking.
___ Spray fruit trees
___ Canning/dehydrating vegetables/fruits when it’s time.
___ Follow-up telephone requests and give updates on our progress.
___ Talk to clubs and churches to give updates on our progress.

___Most important, please
Pray for the Children, the Families being coached
for jobs and housing, & all of us Volunteers here at Edelweiss House.

                                   There’s room for everyone!!!



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