What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.   ~ Albert Pike
  •       Driveway / Play area need to be cemented
    (whomever does this, the Driveway will be named after them  and a yard sign will be made to recognize their gift to Edelweiss House)

                --- needs to be Framed    ---- Cement Poured etc….
                ---- Some Group may just do the Framing…..
    A Sidewalk around the side of each house to the Lower Level.

     ---- Some Group may just want to do the Framing….

  • Shelter constructed near the Playground
      ---- Some may want to Lay the Foundation
      ---- Some Construct the Poles and Roof
    Provide the Picnic Table with a seating
    Provide Outdoor Chair

      Provide:   Corn Holes  -  Croquet Set  -  Volleyball Net  --  Shuffle Board -- Merry-go-Round  --  Fun Animals to sit on Gator Needed
(used on in good condition is fine.)

  •      Sand and Stain the small Side Porch

  •      Wash / Hose Windows Outside using Solution & Hose  -- House #1 - #2 - #3

  •      Wash Windows INSIDE homes   House #1 – #2 – #3
  •      Dust / Sweep  Homes once a month House #1 – # 2  - # 3
  • Erect Stations of the Cross ---  in the Woods AND near  the Glorious Cross
  •      Erect 5 foot Shrine to Mary in Woods (many bricks available)

  •      Erect a 4 foot Shrine St. Joseph in Woods (many small rocks in area)

We can truly need the help of some great volunteers!

Just volunteer for a special project

Help us out with the sorely needed seasonal work

Maybe volunteer one or two days a week

Help us with some supplies that are needed


6 ways you can help us at Edelweiss House

Make a one-time donation. Every dollar goes a long way to help the kids have a loving, caring home.

In the Obituary of a loved one request that, in lieu of flowers, donations be sent to Edelweiss House, 592N CR 650E, Greensburg In 47240, to help Children and reunite Families in Memory of the Loved One. 

Donating Appreciated Stock is a great way to save tax dollars on the sale of the stock. Just have your broker contact us for more information.

Assistants either Volunteer 4-5 hours - some Volunteers just commit to a few hours a day/week/month. You know you can spare the time to help defenseless kids who need our help.

Go out and speak on behalf of Edelweiss House to groups in the area to help make them aware of the great things we do and maybe get their support for the House.

One of the easiest thing syou can do is pray for us and the Kids. We truly understand the amazing power of prayer and how wonderful things can happen if everyone prayed for us.