Host Families


You can Make-That-Difference ???

There is a real and immediate NEED for Christian Married Couples and Assistants

The Goal is to restore Families 


Volunteer Couples and Assistants who live in our homes are screened.
They go through a regular back-ground check process and legal paper work, a safeguard for them as well as for Edelweiss House. 

Married Christian couples and Christian single people who want to make-a-difference in the lives of children, live in one of our fully furnished, beautiful homes for one or more years as House Couples or as a full-time or part-time Assistant.

The other Volunteers who help out a few hours a week are screened.

Some Volunteers come monthly as a family and others volunteer as time permits.  

The Staff works together as a Team! All Staff is trained in the I Can Do It Program. (Training takes place on site.)

We provide a Hand-UP…and not Hand-Out.

P. S. You are always welcome to make a financial donation: 

Mail to: Edelweiss House, Inc.
592N CR 650E
Greensburg IN 47240

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God loves a cheerful giver. You will be blessed.

If you would like to discuss becoming House Parents or an Assistant, or a Host Family in your own home, please contact us. God will richly bless you.

Please prayerfully consider and contact Karen at 812.527.2228 or 812.375.4344 

Corporate Office: 812.527.2228
Sister Pat: 812.527.2228 or 812.375.4344
Email: or

If you believe you may be called to join our Mission and to help Kids and families please call Sister Pat at 812-662-7589 or email