Moments to remember . . . there are many as well as “Progress to be noted” when caring for God’s little ones. We share some of these with you in our emails from “Sisters-sister”. If you would like to receive these emails, please send your email address to Wehelpkids@juno.com or sisterpat4kids@juno.com

Getting the word out is important. Please help us by sharing this information with others who care about KIDS and Families.

Financed totally through Donations. No funding is received from the federal or state government

We’re here to help . . . and so can You.

+ Pray for us and our Mission. Prayer is Power! When you rise in the morning, stop for meals, before your night’s sleep…We can Pray. 

+ You may wish to Volunteer once-in-a-while, perhaps monthly, weekly or daily Playing with the KIDS, helping out of doors, helping with meals, making telephone calls, etc.

+ You may be called to Volunteer full time as House Parents or Assistants and live in one of our beautiful homes. .

+ You can make Financial donations. Some choose to help KIDS long-into- the-future by naming Edelweiss House in their Will and/or sponsoring a project here on the grounds. 

If you would like to help kids in any way or have questions not covered on the website, we would be happy to hear from you, please contact us:

Sister Pat: 812-527-2228 
Business office: 812-375-4344 
Email: Wehelpkids@juno.com or sisterpat4kids@juno.com

God may be calling you to join our Mission to help KIDS. . . So, Pray & Listen!